I’m going to delete this blog in a few days.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting for a while. I have been deliberating for weeks over whether I should explain why, and I’ve finally decided to. Here goes:

I realised that I admire Kate Middleton for the wrong reasons. I like her because she’s beautiful. Yes, she’s also kind and funny and sweet, but so are billions of other people who haven’t happened to marry a prince. And it was making me feel worse about myself - these images of perfection which I cut out of magazines and reblogged constantly. Beauty on the outside doesn’t matter, and let’s be honest, how many of us would be running fanblogs for Kate if she was ugly or overweight? There are so many terrible things going on in the world right now, things that need fighting for, and by sitting here on the internet posting picture after picture of Kate looking attractive I wasn’t really achieving anything. The only reason why I’ve kept it going for so long is because of my followers.

I think that Kate is a wonderful person and she will make a brilliant queen consort one day. I will really miss running this blog. It’s only been up for about a year and a half but the tumblr community here is one of the nicest I’ve seen and I’ve made lots of lovely friends. But it’s time for me to lay this to rest. I’m really busy with reading in preparation for university anyway so maintaining the blog regularly would be an unrealistic target.

I really feel like I’m letting my followers down and I’m so sorry for that. I’ll keep the blog up for another few days so people can read this, and then I’m going to take the painful step of deleting it permanently. I would give it to someone else but I’m really fussy about the type of pictures I post and it just wouldn’t feel right, giving it away. I hope you all understand. I love you xxxx

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Photos of W&K honeymoon in Australian Magazine from celeblookforless, thankyou



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New pic of Catherine shopping. In Australia’s New Idea magazine.


New pic of Catherine shopping. In Australia’s New Idea magazine.

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Anonymous said: Just curious if there is a specific leg you are supposed to put back when you curtsey. I notice both Kate & Beatrice put their left leg back, but Sophie & Autumn put their right leg back. Does it matter, or are they both correct?

Well spotted! Debretts doesn’t specify and I don’t think there is one ‘correct’ way to do it anymore, but according to the Daily Mail you’re supposed to put your right foot behind your left foot.

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